🧠 IDEAS generate IDEAS

As I capture more ideas through this writing project, I’m noticing I have more ideas to write down. It's interesting, and like a snowball rolling down a hill gathering momentum and mass I'm curious to see how far it might go. Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

🛼 MORE discomfort = MORE happiness

It’s recently (more clearly) come to my attention that seeking discomfort = happiness vs. the other way around. Culture would have us believe that comfort is the name of the game, but I’m finding that’s backward as it’s discipline and hard work that more readily brings the good vibes.  Photo...

🎡 CHOOSE Less Stress

Choose to do LESS vs. more while being more clearly focused on what matters. Do want you want; leave the rest alone. The world will always feel like it’s in crisis, do what you can, and remember to create space to occasionally just sit quietly in the sun and just...

😄 BE diffrrrrnt

Stop caring what other people think. Listen to your body and remember to be kind to yourself and the people you interact with throughout the day. Prioritize personal expression over client jobs. Less comparison and more action. Only hang out with people who love you for YOU. Photo by Will Myers on Unsplash

🎯 CREATING vs Consuming

The West trains us to be consumers; of things and media. Try balancing that out with more creating; putting your attention on something you find creatively interesting. This is not about being a social media influencer (bleh) but more a push to spend more time making stuff than consuming. That's...