Oct 20 2010

Cup Shelves


So I’ve been wanting to create a cool shelf to display pottery for awhile now. More specifically I need a place to put my growing cup/mug collection. I wanted something that complimented the work and also functions well both at home and in a gallery setting. I enlisted the help of a good friend, Mark, and uber-talented wood-worker. He did a great job and I can’t wait to put them to good use. This is rad also because it can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. Here’s the prototype:

Oct 9 2010

Glazing Pots!


Fall is in the air. Besides the applesauce I make every year it also means it’s wood-fire time again. Woot Woot! Here are some recent pots that will be fired-up soon. I tried spraying glaze on the outside of some of the pots that will be further back in the kiln. I’m really curious about the results. Stay tuned!

Jul 27 2010

Merry Christmas!


Hard to go wrong when you get a letter that says “GOOD NEWS!” One of the pieces I submitted to “Strictly Functional Pottery National” was accepted. I used my old Christmas return address stickers and some wise-guy from the Market House Craft Center put Merry Christmas on the outside of my envelope. Thank you Mickey for encouraging me to submit work. Here’s the mug that made the cut…woot woot!

Strictly Functional Pottery National: A national juried competition to select 95-100 quality pieces of functional pottery for this exhibition. It has been held annually since 1993, and is open free of charge to the public for one month. It is recognized as one of the top ceramic exhibitions in the country. “

Jul 19 2010

Fan Pics!


Nov 3 2009

Fall Soulgama



Here’s a couple Austin Soulgama cups!

Sep 17 2009

Some awesome mugs for you 007 fans!



May 15 2009

Woodfire Results


Just unloaded a woodfire from MHCC and the results are pretty cool. Looks to be pretty heavily reduction-cooled; Lindsey would be proud.

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Apr 8 2009

Jack Troy at Clatsop Community College

A great poem by a great potter…..and writer, Jack Troy. Here’s a portrait I took last time he was in town teaching a workshop at OCAC. Catch him in Astoria, Oregon (think The Goonies). April 16 at Clatsop Community College.
Jack Troy

Jack Troy


I have picked up, moved, shaped,
and lightened myself of many tons of clay,
and those tons lifted, moved, and shaped me,
delivering me to this living-space
I wake and move about in,
space perhaps equal to that I have opened and enclosed
in plate, cup, bowl, jug, jar.
I am thankful no one ever
led me to the pit I’d help to make in Earth,
or showed me all the clay at once.
I’m grateful no one ever said, There.
That heap’s about a hundred fifty tons.
Go make yourself a life.
And oh, yes, here’s a drum of ink.
See what you can do with that.
I wouldn’t have known where to begin.

from, “Calling the Planet Home” by Jack Troy.

Poem reprinted with permission. Check out Jack’s book of poetry here.