Oct 20 2010

Cup Shelves


So I’ve been wanting to create a cool shelf to display pottery for awhile now. More specifically I need a place to put my growing cup/mug collection. I wanted something that complimented the work and also functions well both at home and in a gallery setting. I enlisted the help of a good friend, Mark, and uber-talented wood-worker. He did a great job and I can’t wait to put them to good use. This is rad also because it can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. Here’s the prototype:

Oct 9 2010

Glazing Pots!


Fall is in the air. Besides the applesauce I make every year it also means it’s wood-fire time again. Woot Woot! Here are some recent pots that will be fired-up soon. I tried spraying glaze on the outside of some of the pots that will be further back in the kiln. I’m really curious about the results. Stay tuned!

May 3 2010

The Results Are In!


There are some of my favorites from the most recent woodfire! Thanks to all who were involved it was a great experience all around! You can see the difference in clay bodies from the left two cups. The top left is a lighter stoneware while the others are a high-fire stoneware with more red iron oxide.