Apr 8 2009

Jack Troy at Clatsop Community College

A great poem by a great potter…..and writer, Jack Troy. Here’s a portrait I took last time he was in town teaching a workshop at OCAC. Catch him in Astoria, Oregon (think The Goonies). April 16 at Clatsop Community College.
Jack Troy

Jack Troy


I have picked up, moved, shaped,
and lightened myself of many tons of clay,
and those tons lifted, moved, and shaped me,
delivering me to this living-space
I wake and move about in,
space perhaps equal to that I have opened and enclosed
in plate, cup, bowl, jug, jar.
I am thankful no one ever
led me to the pit I’d help to make in Earth,
or showed me all the clay at once.
I’m grateful no one ever said, There.
That heap’s about a hundred fifty tons.
Go make yourself a life.
And oh, yes, here’s a drum of ink.
See what you can do with that.
I wouldn’t have known where to begin.

from, “Calling the Planet Home” by Jack Troy.

Poem reprinted with permission. Check out Jack’s book of poetry here.

Apr 3 2009

Today Goodwill Rocks



So all you Goodwill hunters and gatherers will appreciate my enthusiasm today! Today I was at Goodwill and spotted a Tom Rohr woodfired pouring vessel. Sweet. Tom came down to Indiana University and did a woodfire workshop back in ’04 I think….when NCECA was in Indianapolis. At the time he was selling homebrew in the brewery jars with free refills! Click on the picture to check out Tom’s work.

***Update: I’m sad to report Tom’s untimely passing this summer. A great guy and a great potter, he will be missed. There is a place for community to share stories here.