Today Goodwill Rocks



So all you Goodwill hunters and gatherers will appreciate my enthusiasm today! Today I was at Goodwill and spotted a Tom Rohr woodfired pouring vessel. Sweet. Tom came down to Indiana University and did a woodfire workshop back in ’04 I think….when NCECA was in Indianapolis. At the time he was selling homebrew in the brewery jars with free refills! Click on the picture to check out Tom’s work.

***Update: I’m sad to report Tom’s untimely passing this summer. A great guy and a great potter, he will be missed. There is a place for community to share stories here.

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  • Carla Says:

    Jealous. I love goodwill, but all the pots i find there are the chunky high school potter-gone-wrong paper weight verity. Rohr’s pots are sexy!

  • Brenda Scott Says:

    I think a better title for this post would be…A Good Day at Goodwill for A.Goodman

  • Laura Winkleblack Says:

    sad news to report. Tom Rohr died on July 7 2009. He will be greatly missed by many who loved admired the man and his work. There is more information here:

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